Spin gold through conflict management

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Learn how to spot conflicts in their early, manageable stages.

With the right tools at your disposal, you can prevent workplace disagreements from evolving into conflicts, and solve problems in an effective manner so you can get back to the tasks at hand. It has a positive impact on the bottom line and the well-being of your employees.

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A handbook for managers – 106 pages crammed with useful tools and just enough theory to make it a practical guide in conflict management. The book explains how to identify, analyze and solve conflicts. It also explains why conflicts are a good thing and how they make progress if identified and handled properly in time.

A book about preventing workplace conflicts and managing them correctly and properly, should they arise after all.

“This entire book is important, so I’m not going to highlight anything in particular”
“Lise covers conflicts all the way from start to finish, including why they arise and how you can solve them. And that’s one of the most important tasks that land on your desk as a manager. It’s a strength that the book is targeted at managers. It only contains information that managers need to know to solve conflicts, and it’s a manageable, easy read. It has a no-bullshit approach: There is a problem. We need to solve it. This is how we do that.”
Sune Lyng, Head of Leadership and HR Development, The Confederation of Danish Industry

“The book is more specific and hands-on than other material I have read about conflicts”
The reader does not have to start pondering over a lot of theory and psychology, but can start using Lise’s many useful tools right away.
To experienced leaders, the book is an effective brush-up tool.”
Jens Rosenstand, Product Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric

Number of pages: 106 Publisher: Lise Terp ISBN: 978-87-970-9681-9